What is a MoneyMate Plus card?
A Moneymate plus card combines all the capabilities of a regular ATM card with the ability to shop wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

Where can you use a MoneyMate card to shop? In how many places?
Wherever Mastercard is accepted---at over 12 million places worldwide, including 3 million in the U.S.

Do I need two personal identification numbers (PINS), one to access ATMs and one to make purchases?
No, you use the same pin for both shopping wherever MAC is accepted and getting cash from ATMs. Mastercard is signature based - no PIN required.

Name at least four different things you can do with your MoneyMate card.

  • Make Purchases
  • Get Cash
  • Make Deposits and Payments
  • Transfer Money and Get Account Information

How do you know you can use your card at an ATM or merchant?
If the logos displayed match one of the logos on your card, you can use it at that location.

When I shop with my MoneyMate plus card, will I be billed at the end of the month?
No, each purchase is deducted from your checking account automatically after the transaction is completed and processed.

Do I get separate statements for MoneyMate plus card purchases?
No. All of your MoneyMate plus card transactions appear on your monthly checking account statement along with your checking and ATM transactions.

What happens if I buy more than what's available in the checking account?
If your checking account is linked to an overdraft line, you will activate the overdraft line. Otherwise, the purchase won't be approved if you don't have the funds available in your checking account. Plus our pin debit processing network uses the merchant processing network for lower transaction costs. We pass these transaction fee savings on to you.

The many benefits of having an MFB ATM debit card:

  • Cash access and shopping makes the ATM card more useful.
  • Safer than carrying lots of cash.
  • Accepted more readily than out-of-state checks.
  • No bulky checkbook to carry
  • Smart money manager
  • Normally, no finance charges
  • Confidentiality - no extra personal indentification required.
  • Avoid check approval hassles.
  • Faster checkout

How to use your ATM card safely

  • Prevent others from getting information on your card
  • Memorize your PIN
  • Take your receipt
  • Protect card from damage - heat, magnets, sharp objects.
  • Be aware of who's around you, especially outside ATM's.

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